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     It is an antique instrument which generates sound by plucking a string rather than striking one. This keyboard instrument was commonly used in the Baroque Period as a solo instrument and grouding for chamber music. We always hear the sound of harpsichord in the music of Rameau, Byrd, J.S.Bach, Vivaldi, Couperin, Scarlatti, and Handel. This kind of instrument is less in popularity nowadays, but we have BIZZI and NEUPERT for any serious music educator and player to experience.

            BIZZI has decided, from the beginning of its expansion project, to work full play, so to say; which means that it has not chosen to start the new work in one particular Country, or with a few well known artists, professors or friends who could help its career. On the contrary, it has always had in mind the large number of persons who could be very interested in harpsichords, if they just had got the chance to buy one and to study it without too many difficulties. For this reason, BIZZI has addressed its attention, right from the start, to professional harpsichordists, of course, but also to students or amateurs, as well as to players who practice instruments which always had a special relationship with harpsichord, like the violin, the gamba, the flutes and so on. This choice has obliged BIZZI to understand the particular needs of many different kinds of musicians, thus helping it to improve the features of each type of instrument, and the quality of its work in general. After all, the best references are not only represented by the favourable comments of some famous harpsichordists, but rather by a number of other important factors and, above all, by the over 500 customers who have trusted the quality and name and are happy to own a BIZZI.   
            The J.C. NEUPERT workshops for historical keyboard instruments makes harpsichords, spinets, clavichords, virginals, and fortepianos from various schools. Individual customer's wishes can always be accomodated.   

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