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     This type of instrument is traditionally used for church music, especially in the liturgy of mass and worship. Most of us might have seen a huge pipe organ stands elegantly as the stage-background in all major concert halls, basilicas, cathedrals, and some churches around the world. But those are million-dollar-instruments which have not been designed for us. What we have here are as the same size as an Electone except the full pedal board for two feet as the old style of playing. We represent two among top of organ builders who have inherited their prides under the name of VISCOUNT and CONTENT.

            VISCOUNT Organs are the leading digital church organ in the world. All of instruments have been specifically designed and voiced for the purposes and are suitable for anywhere that requires a fine traditional pipe organ sound including churches, chapels, crematoria, schools and also the enthusiast at home.   
            Since 1980 Content Organs have proven to be a strong and inventive player in the organ field. Continued research allows Content to offer high quality at an excellent price. Content always looks for creative solutions, responding quickly to reactions from the market and striving for a continued development and implementation of components. The quality and value of instruments is confirmed by an ever growing number of users, both professionals and amateurs,- from around the globe.   

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