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This antique instrument generates sound by plucking a string rather than striking one.  It is a keyboard instrument commonly used in the Baroque period as a solo instrument and for chamber music.  We always hear the sound of harpsichord in the music of Rameau, Byrd, J.S.Bach, Vivaldi, Couperin, Scarlatti, and Handel.  This kind of instrument is less in popular but we have BIZZI, NEUPERT, SASSMANN, CEMBALI CIOCCA, and BOINNARD for any serious music educator and player.



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Double Manual

Double manual 'Flemish' Harpsichord 'Ruckers 1638'
Version natural wood finishing
Options included:
- Columned stand in the Flemish style
- Sound board painting
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Double manual ''Flemish'' Harpsichord 'Ruckers 1638'
Options included:
 - 4' stop
- Columned stand in the Flemish style
- Sound board painting
- Adjustable bench
- Marble type finishing
- Flemish paper and motto
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Single Manual

Single manual Flemish Harpsichord
mod. 'Couchet'
Version with Flemish paper and stand
Options included:
- Flemish paper
- Flemish stand
- Adjustable bench, in style
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Clavecin Flamand un clavier
 modèel 'Couchet'
Version avec papier et piètement flamand
Caractéristiques générales selon notre
 Options included:
- Piètement flamand
- Papier flamand et motto
- Tabouret réglable
- Clavier os et ébène
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